Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So, next steps...

Picking up where I left off, our doctor gave us two options since IUI didn't work. We could either go directly to invitro fertilization IVF or have an experimental laparoscopy to see if I had endometriosis. I was bummed because our insurance didn't cover IVF and I didn't want to have surgery.

We opted for the surgery the day after Christmas in 2007 and it proved very useful. I had mild endometriosis and a cyst. They removed all of it and I had a clean playing field. LOL. Everything looked great so we had another round of IUI. It didn't work. I had two great eggs again and it didn't work. I was really upset. As soon as I had surgery and the doc said everything looked fine, my dad started building a baby bed and a changing table. He had it done before my round of IUI. No pressure right? This was the first thing that my dad had any desire to do in like four years.

So, it was February 2007 and we were at another crossroad and the only two paths nothing...or IVF. So, I opted to do nothing. Work was picking up so trying to schedule fertility treatments and appointments during my spring was near impossible and work was stressful enough. So, I opted the nothing route.

In the meantime, friend after friend got pregnant. Babies after babies were born. It became comical actually. People would text, call or email and say....Guess what? Yep, you guessed it...they were pregnant. (no offense to my all my friends who had babies...I am happy and thrilled for you).

So, I waited until the fall and went back to the doctor because my periods were becoming more and more painful. I knew cysts were rupturing. Something was going on. So, I made an appointment and the doc said the endometriosis was back and our only shot was IVF. He said before we jump to IVF he wanted to put me on a six month treatment to put me through menopause. The drug was called Lupron. It was supposed to have good results for IVF patients. So, the intramuscular shots began. Ouch. Side effects? Full blown menopause. Let me tell you, pre-menopausal women...HOT FLASHES are FOR REAL! I was freezing Matt out of house and home. It was dead winter and I had the air on, the ceiling fans rolling and I was still sweating!

We are almost current. I went back to the doc the first of May and the cyst they had been watching hadn't shrunk like it was supposed had actually grown...almost doubled. So, the doctor went ahead and scheduled another laparoscopy to see what this "thing" was because it shouldn't have grown at all. hmmm...

Surgery was last week. Dr. Batres removed endometriosis, the "cyst" which was full of blood, adhesions and a polyp. They are sending off the polyp to pathology. He thinks everything looks great and we are going to try IVF as soon as I approximately a month we will start the process.

This excites and scares me. IVF is so expensive! How many eggs do we take I take out 10 eggs and fertilize them all and implant three the first time and all three take and I have triplets? Umm...I am thinking that we would be finished having what do we do with the remaining seven embryos? Destroy them? Donate them to couples? ??? The questions are endless.

We are at this step. I have a post-op appointment tomorrow and I hope I will have more of a timeline.


Aaron said...

I'll be praying for you: those are some tough decisions.

Susan said...

You're in my prayers Fink! I love you guys!

Sean and Lendy said...

Praying for you today...God will give you the wisdom to know what to do with the other embryos. Never forget that He already knows your children by name!