Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pre "knowledge-of-conception-problem" era

I guess I have always wanted to be a mom. One thing that never entered my mind was me being unable to have kids or even having a lick of trouble having kids! Never!

I was 29 when I got married so Matt and I decided to immediately start trying for a family. We waited two months after we said "I do" so rumors would not start to fly around about us "supposedly" having a 10 pound preemie. We were excited and I had no doubt I would be pregnant within three months. My parents were thrilled that I finally married so I KNEW they'd be excited because NOW they could have their grandkids.

So, I am off the pill and March went by...no pregnancy. April & May went by...no pregnancy. Long story short, months went by with no pregnancy. I began researching on how long it normally "took" to get pregnant and at what point in the process I should start being concerned. Everything I read said we should start being concerned at the one year mark.

About nine months into trying I was scheduled for my yearly exam. I mentioned to my ob/gyn that we were trying to have a baby and that we had been trying for nine months with no luck. His response was for us to see a fertility specialist. In his opinion, his "concerned mark" was six months not a year. Fun. Not what I wanted to hear.

At this point, I told my mom that we had been trying to have a baby and we were going to have tests run to see what was going on since we hadn't been successful. I remember telling her "Well, crap, if I knew I would have had this much trouble getting pregnant I would have been promiscuous in high school!" That of course was a joke.

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