Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kip, Zach, Dexter & Tobey

I do have four FURbabies. Kip, Zach, Dexter & Tobey.

Kipper Sunshine is 8 years old and he is my sweetie maltese. I had him before I got married and he was my world. Joining Matt and Kipper together wasn't a good idea. Kip did not like Matt sleeping beside me, touching me NOTHING. For Kip's safety and Matt's safety, Kip now resides with Nana and Paw Daddy. He rules the roost with Maggie (Magsy, the cocker spaniel).

Next is Zach. Matt and I got Zach about 5 months into our marriage. So, he has been with us since the get go. He is such a good natured miniature schnauzer. We got ripped by the breeder. He said he was a miniature...however, he is 35 lbs. We love every pound of him though.

Then came Dexter. Dexter was a semi-planned addition? An adopted granny from the church we were at knew we loved dogs and she told us her beagle was about to have puppies and she was giving one to us. We were like - thanks, but no thanks. She twisted our arm to come and "see" the puppies and she pointed out the one she had marked as ours. It was love at first sight and we took him home on the spot. I had to put a baby picture up of him and a current picture up of him because he is just so darn cute. He is a little chunky now...he LOVES food.

Last but definitely not least...Tobey. Tobey was our surprise baby. He showed up at our house one night and Matt actually thought he was Dexter. He called to "Dexter" because he was outside of the fence and the boys are NEVER outside of the fence. Anyway, it wasn't Dexter, it was Tobey! The poor baby shows up all scared and mistreated. Matt brought him inside and he has been Tobey Brown since! He CRAVES attention and LOVES everyone...especially his Nana and his Aunt Marlo. He loves his brothers and is spoiled you can tell with him sleeping on daddy's pillow...

This picture is one of my favorites. All the boys are looking outside the window watching for cats...

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Karen said...

Oh my . . your dogs are PRECIOUS!!! I only have one "fur baby" . . I don't know how you do it!