Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Emotional Sidebar...

I hope you scroll down and read all of the journal entries in order. I am trying to catch this blog up to speed in one night (which ain't happening tonight).

To me there is such a need for a voice for those of us dealing with infertility. No one may read my blog at all so then my blogging will become therapeutic for me...I will just ask myself "And, how does that make you feel?". But, then one person may read this and think...hmmm...I am not alone in this lonely, cruel world of infertility.

I titled the blog, Babies one way or another, not that I was going to steal someone's baby if I couldn't biologically have my own. I am working both sides of the fence right now...trying to have a baby of our own AND checking into the foster care adoption side. So, I will have my babies, one way or another.

I wanted to go public with our struggle with infertility. Matt and I look everyday for ways to minister to others. And, I felt compelled to share our story (the good, the bad & the ugly) in hopes of ministering to someone who needs it.

The desire of my heart is to be a mom. I just want to be a mommy. I have so much love to give. Matt is going to be an amazing dad. Our arms are open and aching to be filled with little ones. I know that God will honor our desires and give us the desires of our hearts...He will, one way or another.


Sean and Lendy said...

Lisa - I am so glad you have taken the time to give your words and feelings a voice and invited the rest of us in. I know my story has some similarities but each of our stories is unique. I know that God is and will continue to hear your hearts cry and one day He will bring you, Matt and your children together. He is the Creator of Life...hang on to every single one of His promises...praying for you, sister.

lmashe81 said...
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